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Welcome to any new readers, and welcome back to previous readers. After quite a long hiatus, I finally have the newsletter up and running again, with a few changes.

Due to increased demands on my time (a growing family and growing herd of horses does that!), I've re-done the newsletter. It will now be published once every two months, and will feature information on new and updated pages, as well as a quiz in each edition. I've also moved the publishing date from the last Tuesday of the month to the last Sunday of the month.

April 29, 2012 -- Issue #006

Today's quiz question:

Which mineral in your horse's diet has the same symptoms for both a toxicity and deficiency?

If you are super curious (like me!), you can find the answer somewhere on UHN...

Or if you are patient, the answer will be published in the next newsletter.

There are a few new pages on the site these past two months:

Seasonal Influences on Horse Nutrition is one of them. This page discusses a few things that need to be taken into consideration with the changing seasons, like transitioning horses to fresh pasture in the spring, and extra calorie needs in the winter.

Selenium is another new page, featuring information on this mineral. Toxicity and deficiency symptoms are discussed, as well as sources found in your horse's diet.

Pages that have been updated include:

Winter Horse Care received a major re-write, adding some additional information and reorganizing it. It has tips and tricks for some of the most common challenges faced in the winter, including keeping your horse's water free from ice.

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