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Welcome to and thank you for visiting! This page is for those visitors interested in online business or who might have a site or blog of their own. If that sounds like you, you may already know that online business success depends upon both sufficient traffic and the ability to monetize it. In fact, most online business failures stem from a lack of those two points.

Unfortunately, the tasks of getting traffic and monetizing it are not getting easier. If you've been online over the past few years, you may be aware that advertising costs have increased, with ad networks taking a larger and larger cut of the dollars. In addition to dwindling ad-buying power, growth efforts are faced with increased competition.  On top of that, affiliate programs are becoming less generous and the amount of work necessary to succeed has increased 10-fold.

Webmaster Woes

As a webmaster or blogger, you know how hard it is to build an online business that gets an abundance of ever-growing traffic. These days, online popularity requires much more than know-how to build pages or snazzy designs. Instead, success requires amazing content, a large social presence, and an engaging personality. With all these demands, webmasters are strapped for time and resources to get it all done.

Product Maker Pain

Whether you manufacture your own product or craft it by hand, you know that product development is time-consuming. With everything it takes to do it right, there is often not enough time to drive the traffic to your own site in numbers sufficient for abundant sales. In turn, costs eat away at profits, making it more and more difficult to compete.

The Problem and The Solution

Both of the above individuals face opposing situations, but they share same problems: a lack of time and resources. Fortunately, the two groups are a match for one perfect solution and SiteSell has just launched it.

It's called Trafeze, a brand-new, FREE service that bridges the gap between webmasters and developers, thereby increasing their reach and leveraging their efforts.  

Trafeze pairs folks with traffic with folks who have a product to sell, its algorithm matching each side to find compatible combinations. Once a match is found, the individuals take over, and develop a working relationship. The result is more monetization in less time with more resilient businesses who can compete better within their niches.

No more do people have to rely upon big online monopolies like ad networks and affiliate programs for the health of their online business. They can become independent of the usual problems that prevent them from succeeding and avoid those online elements that gnaw away at their profits and their business.

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Do You Qualify?

To get started, you do need to qualify for Trafeze whose criteria is determined on the basis of traffic volume and social media presence, among other things. You will need to sign up to see if you qualify, but the process is very easy. To do it, go to, fill in your information and click "Join Now."  Once you're granted access, you add your domain name, fill out your profile and submit your information. The algorithm will take over and find matches for your business. If you're not qualified, the system will tell you why and when you're in a better position, it will reconsider your application.

Trafeze is brand, brand new. If the login screen isn't available, please check back in a few days. As more members sign up, more matches will become available. Just give it time and watch it grow. And don't forget to spread the word. If you know someone who could use Trafeze, send them to the page and tell them keep checking back until they get in. The more folks who sign up, the more resources there are to share and the better the product will be.


Don't rely upon Adsense, Amazon or affiliate programs to monetize your site. Join Trafeze and build a real online business!

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