Horse Nutrition Stories

Working on this website, I often look through old pictures of my horses to find just the right one that I need for a page.

Often while doing this, I will come across pictures of "Friskey," a mare we had when I was young...probably 8-10 years old.

This site always reminds me of Friskey because she had a number of problems right before we sold her.

Looking back with the knowledge I have now, I know she was probably severely insulin resistant and most likely also had a magnesium deficiency, among other problems.

However, at the time, we had NO idea what was wrong with her... fact, before she developed what I now assume was a magnesium deficiency, we didn't think anything was wrong -- she was just an easy-keeper who was "cresty" through the neck.

Due to related problems, we eventually sold her, as she became unsuitable for us kids to ride.

After knowing Friskey, and doing the write-up for Bab's Story, I realized something...

...there have to be more "Babs" and "Friskeys" out there!

So, why not collect horse nutrition stories, and share them all here in one place?!?

As an added bonus, maybe these horse nutrition stories would also help visitors to the website who may have a horse experiencing similar problems.

I thought it was a great idea! So, I have collected some of the most common stories I hear and shared them here.

Now, on to the stories...I hope you enjoy them!!

Babs, a Morgan mare

Owned by PeggySue

Babs is a mare who had so many problems its a wonder PeggySue didn't give up on her! Today she lives a happy, healthy life on a diet of pasture, hay, and a ration balancer.

This is a big change from the colicky, foundered mare suffering from rain rot that PeggySue bought a few years previous. Click on the link to read her entire story (with pictures!) as told by PeggySue.

Babs Story

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