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Can I safely feed Purina's Mare & Maintenance (my feed dealer said its now called Enrich32) to a gelding?
(Cowgirl, United States)


Yes, you can feed these feeds to a fact, they are appropriate for almost every class of horse as the base of the diet, as they are both ration balancers.

Why do I say both? Because your feed dealer is a little bit mis-informed. Yes, the name of the Mare & Maintenance has now changed...but it is now Enrich12, while Enrich32 is what used to be called Born to Win.

The Enrich12 (Mare & Maintenance) is meant to be fed with alfalfa diets, while the Enrich32 (Born to Win) is meant to be fed with primarily grass diets.

I feed an equivilant of these feeds to all my horses, including my geldings, and they all thrive on them.

Thanks for a great horse nutrition question!!

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