Horse Feed:
What Is Available?

A look around the typical feed store shows a dizzying array of different horse feeds.

And of course, all of them are proclaiming to be the best for your horse!

So, to help clarify things, we're going to quickly run through the different types of feed that are available out there.

I encourage you to spend some time clicking on the various feed types to take a more in-depth look at them.

Senior Feeds

Senior feeds are designed with the senior in mind. They contain higher amounts of certain nutrients, and a highly digestible fiber source.

Complete Feeds

Complete feeds are designed to replace most, if not all, hay and other forage in a horse's diet. Due to this, they have high fiber contents, and are lower in nutrients. They must be fed at relatively high levels to provide a horse with the needed nutrients.

Pelleted Feeds

Pelleted feeds are simply feeds that have been made into pellets. They vary in quality and nutrition levels.

Sweet Feeds

Sweet feeds are feeds that have added sugar to make them more palatable to the horse. Usually the sugar is added in the form of molasses. The high sugar and starch content in these feeds can be the cause of behavioral issues and health problems.

Ration Balancers

Ration balancers (also sometimes called diet balancers) are nutrient dense feeds meant to be fed in small amounts. They are an ideal base to most feed programs.

Hopefully this quick look at the types of horse feed available has helped clear up some of the confusion at the feed store.

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