Grass Hay Cubes:
Another Forage Option

Grass hay cubes are cubes of grass hay, just as the name implies. They are very similar to alfalfa cubes ...the only difference is that they are made of grass hays instead of alfalfa hay. OK, actually there are two differences. Grass cubes are a lot harder to find in most areas because they are made by very few companies.

Grass cubes, because of their large particle size, can be safely used as a hay alternative. When feeding them to replace hay in your horse’s diet, feed 1 pound of cubes to replace 1 pound of hay.

Like alfalfa cubes, grass cubes can be fed soaked or dry, and it mostly depends on the horse's preference. For most horses I attempt to feed them dry, and only offer them soaked if the horse won't eat them dry.

Cubes should be soaked at least partially for horses with few teeth, older horses, younger horses, and any other horse that might have trouble chewing the large, hard cubes. Likewise, any horse that has ever suffered from choke should have cubes (and the entire diet) soaked every time.

If the cubes are soaked for a short time in a small amount of water they will simply become more soft while retaining an expanded cube-like shape. However, they can also be soaked for longer periods in more water to cause them to completely break down and make a soupy mixture.

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