How I Built This Site

Building this site has been quite a journey. When I started I had ZERO idea of how to build a website (and still have very little knowledge, actually!)...

...and more importantly I had ZERO idea of how to get traffic to a website and all the other stuff that goes into making a website successful.

What I DID know is that I wanted to make some money online. Being pregnant with my second son at the time, I knew I really wanted to be able to stay home with both my boys if at all possible.

That was possible then (and now) because of my husband's career in the military...but that is coming to an end in a few short years, and I didn't (don't) want to have to go to work for someone else when our time with the military ends.

Looking towards the future, I began to research possible opportunities online. I eventually came across

I watched the video, but I was still skeptical. After all, it all sounded too good to be true...

...and we all know that something that sounds too good to be true usually is!

So it was with tons of skepticism that I continued reading through the pages. Pages like:

I began to hope...maybe this was something I COULD do!

Being the skeptic I am, I wasn't just going to take their word for I started searching the net for information on SiteSell. And everything I found was positive! I couldn't believe it...I'd never come across a company that had so many customers as happy as SiteSell's were.

The Order page...

So I headed to the order page, figuring that I could at least try it out for a few months...

...but there was no month-to-month option! I had to buy an entire year at once. That was NOT in my plans, so I did some more soul-searching...

...was this REALLY something I wanted to do?

The answer was YES! I REALLY wanted to be able to stay home with my boys. And I really wanted to be my own boss...and I really really wanted to teach other horse owners about horse nutrition.

I talked to my husband about the new "glitch" of no month-to-month option and after reading all I could find about the money-back guarantee (I wanted to make sure it had no doesn't) I decided to take the plunge.

I was terrified!

I still remember sitting there with my mouse over the "order" button...I probably sat there for 3 minutes before I finally clicked on it.

And as soon as I did, I was terrified even more...what if I'd made a big mistake?!? I pulled myself together with the reminder that if this didn't work out, I could get my $299 back. After all, living on one income, $299 was a LOT of money for us!

So I started to go through the process...and I am SO very glad I did! I've become a believer.

The Money Issue

Like I said, the website isn't supporting me financially yet, but it IS making money. And the growth is phenomenal...more than I could ever have imagined.

As I write this, the website has been online a mere 6 months. Yet, I have numerous pages in the top 20 at Google, and even have some pages ranked at number 1! And my traffic stats are beyond my dreams.

They are still small numbers, but the more important thing is that they are growing every day. In fact, for the last three months, the numbers have more than doubled each month!

I still have little web knowledge...

I still have almost no knowledge of how to build a website...all I know how to do is write about horse nutrition. SiteBuildIt! does all the other stuff for me.

I simply follow the Action Guide which is the SBI! guide to building a website.

Everyone loves FREE stuff!

One of the best perks is that they have tons of freebies to help me along the way...check them out for yourself.

Even if you don't use SiteSell, you can still download them all for free.

SBI! Sites...and your questions answered!

Have a look at some other successful Solo Build It! sites and see what they look like.

I hope I have answered all of your questions...if I haven't, feel free to email me through the UHN contact page and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might still have.

Or, you can ask SiteSell directly and they'll answer any question you might have, big or small (and within 24 hours!).

I've really enjoyed sharing with you my story of how I built this website...some days I just want to pinch myself and see if this is all a dream.

But don't get me IS hard work -- there are days I'd much rather check email or go outside and ride than write content for UHN, and keeping myself on track can sometimes be hard.

But in the end, it is all worth it, as I get to stay home with my boys, and I get to be my own boss (and sometimes I do let myself go for an afternoon ride).

And with that, I leave you with this thought:

You will never succeed if you never try.

I'm not sure who said it (or even if its an actual quote!) but it is something I try to remember when the thought of failure is preventing me from taking a chance.

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